Can I Please Just Pee Alone?

I love my toddler and I’m glad he loves me so much that he wants to be with me wherever I go, but please stop trying to come in the bathroom with me!  You know before you have kids the things you say you will never do as a mom?  I was never going to let my kids come into the bathroom with me.  I want my privacy.  Of course, I still want my privacy, but it can be hard to shut the door on my toddler when he is already following me into the bathroom.  Sometimes I will set him on the couch in our living room and run to the bathroom so I can shut and lock the door before he gets there.  Or sometimes he will follow me into the downstairs bathroom and I run to the upstairs bathroom before he can get there.  Either way, if I make him wait outside, he’s crying and I feel like the worst mom in the world for just wanting some privacy! 

We are also kind of-not really-very casually potty training so when he follows me into the bathroom and says he has to go potty I feel like I have to let him try to go.  He normally doesn’t have to go he just wanted to go because I was going.

As, I am writing this at a coffee shop by myself (I can pee alone!), I am thinking about how it won’t be very long before M.J. doesn’t want to be seen with me in public.  Even though it can be frustrating that he wants to be with me All. The.  Time.  I am reminded I should soak up the snuggles while I have them.  Pretty soon I’ll be begging for him to spend time with me.  So, next time I’ll probably laugh when I’m running away from my toddler so I can pee alone.  I mean, it is kind of funny.

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