Anxiety and Diarrhea

I was thinking the other day since M.J. and I are not able to leave the house maybe I should try to legimately potty train him.   When I went to get him up this morning his bedding and his jammies were all soaked in poop.  He had a lot of diarrhea.  He normally wears two diapers to bed (because that kid pees a ton) and they had both leaked.  I cleaned him up with wipes as best I could and asked Dan to give him an emergency bath so I could clean M.J.’s bedding.  When I went up after bath time, Dan said M.J. didn’t want to stand up because his tummy hurt too badly.  I got very worried about him.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a real panic attack but I had to make myself do some calm breathing to help with my anxiety.  I was thinking if his stomach’s hurting that badly should I take him to the hospital?  If I take him he could get the Corona Virus.  They would probably just send us home anyway.  Dan said he thought the stomach cramps were probably from dehydration so we gave M.J. a ton of Pedialyte.  Luckily we still had some from the last time M.J. was sick.  Dan also stayed home from work to help with M.J.  I’m so thankful for him; if he hadn’t stayed home I’m sure my anxiety would have worsened.

So I’m going to wait at least a couple days before we start potty training.  M.J. seems to be doing mostly better but if I’m going to have to clean poop off the floor I don’t want it to be diarrhea.  I’m just thinking to myself this is totally a mom blog, I’m writing about my kid’s diarrhea.  If you are grossed out by this post I did kind of warn you with the title. 

I am really hoping M.J. is feeling better tomorrow so I can take him outside to play because the weather is supposed to be nicer tomorrow.  I was just thinking I’m thankful we have such a big yard for Michael to play in.  People who live in town might find it hard to play in their backyards without being too close to their neighbors.   The main part of our yard and the main part of our neighbor’s yard is way more than five feet apart.  It can sometimes to be hard to be thankful in this situation but I have found plenty of things to be thankful for.  We have plenty of food; we have (hopefully) enough toilet paper; we have technology to still be able to stay in contact with people; Michael and I are able to spend more time together before we add a new child to our family.  I’m just thinking how blessed I am to be stuck in a house with heat, food, internet, T.V., books.  I also wish I could help people who may not have these things in their houses but it doesn’t seem possible right now.  I don’t always remember how blessed I am but I guess I chose the day my kid had horrible diarrhea to remember! (Oh, we also have diapers!)

 May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us- so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.  Psalm 67:1-2 NIV

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