It’s Okay to be Stressed

Why do I feel so stressed? I am undoubtedly very blessed Is potty training more stressful than the newborn stage? Or is 3 just a very stubborn age? I’m happy I again can roam But I got so used to staying home It’s great to see my friends again I feel so busy I just […]

Different Stages

The other day I noticed many leaves are still in many different stages of changing.  There are the green leaves that haven’t changed color yet; the orange ones that are changing color; and the brown ones that completely changed.  This made me think people go through so many different stages in life. Some people may […]

Beauty In Every Season

I love nature.  I am so thankful we are blessed with a big yard in the country.   I love being able to walk around our yard and see wildflowers.  I love seeing the beautiful leaves change color.  I like watching snow as long as it’s outside and I’m inside.  The other day I was walking […]

Little Moments

Last night, Dan and I watched an interesting movie called Sliding Doors (1998).  At the beginning of the movie they show two different scenes:  one where the main character (Helen) misses her train and one where she makes it to her train.  There are then two different stories that show how one small thing can […]

Five Years Married, Six Years in Love

 Tomorrow is mine and Dan’s fifth anniversary.  I’m excited to celebrate with him but a little disappointed because we normally go out to dinner and I don’t think that’s an option right now.  We’re not big gift people but we enjoy spending time together without our toddler. I am reminded of how blessed I have […]

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