To the girl

To the girl Who’s been used To the girl Who feels worthless To the girl who feels unlovable To the girl who hates herself To the girl struggling with Depression Anxiety An eating disorder Codependency To the girl Who’s suicidal To the girl Who’s afraid of rejection To the girl Who is in so much […]

Let People Love You

I have been reading the book, Fly a Little Higher by Laura Sobiech.  It is a great book where she talks about trusting God with her son’s battle with cancer.  There was a quote in there that really stuck with me. “But he needed to see that part of loving someone meant allowing him or […]

You Are Awesome

I was looking through my swimsuits recently while packing for a trip.  A lot of them were from when Dan and I first got married.  They were all size medium which is way too small for me now.  I was feeling a little down when I realized none of the swimsuits were going to fit […]

The Way God Sees You

 I was talking with a good friend recently and we realized we have both let others determine our self-esteem.  I am slowly learning my self-esteem should not depend on what others think of me.  I should see myself the way God sees me.  God loves me just the way I am.  I’m not saying we […]

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