Too Much Hospitality?

A few days ago Dan, M.J., and I went to visit some of M.J.’s cousins.  The youngest one is about 6 or 7 months.  He really liked Dan.  Dan was having a lot of fun playing with him and making faces at him.  I loved watching Dan with him.  It made me have a little […]

To the mom

To the mom: Who had an epidural Who gave birth naturally Who had a C-section Who did in vitro fertilization Who used a surrogate Who adopted To the mom: With Post-Partum Depression With Post-Partum Anxiety With Post-Partum OCD With Post-Partum Psychosis To the mom: Who’s struggling to love her baby Who loves her baby more […]

There’s Always More to Learn

This morning I was looking at a wedding picture we have in our living room.  It’s of Dan and me kissing with a river in the background.  I really love this picture; it reminds me of how much I love my husband.  I was so blessed to find a man who loves me just the […]

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