God Uses Broken People

Have you ever felt broken?  Have you ever felt like there’s no way God could use you?  Maybe that there’s no way God could even love you?  I have felt unlovable.  No matter how you feel, God loves you.  Even if people have told you that don’t deserve love.  Even if people have treated you […]

Back From Brokenness

“You cleared a way in the wilderness.  You brought me back from my brokenness.  You took my shame and you buried it.  What you’ve done I won’t forget.”- Greater Things by Mack Brock When we sang this song at church on Sunday I was reminded of how God is always with me.  I feel like […]

OCD and Overthinking

“My anxieties have anxieties.”- Charlie Brown in There’s No Time for Love, Charlie Brown Have you ever felt like this?  I feel like it is a common symptom of OCD.  Since I have learned about intrusive thoughts I will overanalyze many thoughts I have.  Was that an intrusive thought?  Maybe I really wanted that thought.  […]

God is Faithful

I’ve started listening to Lauren Daigle’s music and I’ve noticed I really like a lot of her songs.  They remind me that God loves me and He is always there for me. “I remember, I remember.  You have always been faithful to me.  I remember, I remember.  Even when my own eyes could not see.  […]

Who Can Love Me?

“Who can search the depths of me and love me to the core?”- No One But You by Hillsong Worship We sang this song in church on Sunday and this part reminded me how much God loves me.  I have often felt unlovable.  I used to wonder how anyone could love someone like me.  I […]

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