Are All 3-year olds Bossy?

Do you ever feel like a crappy mom?  No?  Me neither…. Just kidding!   Today has been a rough parenting day for me.  I feel like my kid doesn’t listen or respect me.  But he also wants me to play with him all the time.  Why would I want to play with him when he’s being […]

Story Time Blessings

It’s no secret I’ve been struggling with parenting lately.  M.J. has had a bad attitude and I wonder what I am doing wrong.  I will think, maybe I’m ready to have another kid… then I have a really hard parenting day and feel like I am not even capable of parenting one kid.  However; this […]

Screen Time and Mom Guilt

Mom guilt is irrational Mommy, can I watch a show? Mommy, play with me all day long But play my way or you are wrong Can I have a few minutes to myself? Mommy, play with me or I will yell It’s okay to be overwhelmed Have grace with your kids, but also yourself I […]

Such a Blessed Mom

By now you probably know that I sometimes struggle with feeling like a bad mom.  This has improved a lot since I have started going to therapy.  It also helps to have supportive mom friends who are honest about their struggles.  I have also been trying to learn to have grace with myself.  It has […]

No Secret to Parenting

Do you ever feel like have no idea what you’re doing as a parent?  Have you thought, hey, shouldn’t there have been a test before I took this baby home from the hospital?  Oh, good.  So glad I’m not the only one.  Everyone doubts their parenting sometimes.  No one has this parenting thing all figured […]

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