You Are Loved

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough?  Not a good enough mom.  Not a good enough wife.  Not good enough at your job.  Not pretty enough.  Not thin enough.  Just not enough.  I have felt like this a lot.  Yesterday and today I’ve felt like a crappy mom.  M.J. has not been listening […]

Love Your Neighbor AS YOURSELF

I have struggled with low self-esteem from a young age.  When I got older I started to think it was selfish to love myself.  I am supposed to love everyone else.  I want to help everyone.  I’m sure if you’ve read my blog or if you know me that you know I still want to […]

There’s Always More to Learn

This morning I was looking at a wedding picture we have in our living room.  It’s of Dan and me kissing with a river in the background.  I really love this picture; it reminds me of how much I love my husband.  I was so blessed to find a man who loves me just the […]

You Are Awesome

I was looking through my swimsuits recently while packing for a trip.  A lot of them were from when Dan and I first got married.  They were all size medium which is way too small for me now.  I was feeling a little down when I realized none of the swimsuits were going to fit […]

The Way God Sees You

 I was talking with a good friend recently and we realized we have both let others determine our self-esteem.  I am slowly learning my self-esteem should not depend on what others think of me.  I should see myself the way God sees me.  God loves me just the way I am.  I’m not saying we […]

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