Screen Time and Mom Guilt

Mom guilt is irrational Mommy, can I watch a show? Mommy, play with me all day long But play my way or you are wrong Can I have a few minutes to myself? Mommy, play with me or I will yell It’s okay to be overwhelmed Have grace with your kids, but also yourself I […]

Wandering Thoughts

I recently started reading the book, Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi.  She talks about the benefits of letting our minds wander.  She says when we let our minds wander we come up with more creative ideas.  If I’m being honest, the idea of letting my mind wander gives me Anxiety. I worry if I […]

You’re a Good Mom

I sometimes feel like I’m not a good mom.  Especially lately since we’ve been quarantined.  We recently started seeing people again and M.J. doesn’t want to leave because he has missed social interaction so much.  I’m a mild introvert and I’ve found quarantine to be difficult so I can’t imagine how hard it has been […]

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