Shame and Blame

Have you ever been buried in shame? Feeling you deserve the pain You’ve been going through Believing the lies are true Obsessing over past mistakes Thinking you don’t deserve grace Thinking you’re the only one Has this only just begun? We all struggle with shame You are not always to blame No matter how you […]

God Never Gives Up

Lately, I have been so encouraged when I remember how much God loves me.  He doesn’t care what mistakes I’ve made.  He doesn’t care that I have Depression, Anxiety, and OCD.  He doesn’t care that I constantly doubt myself as a mother.  He loves me no matter what. “Oh my God so good, You never […]

God Sees the Beauty

Have you ever felt crazy? Have you felt depressed? Even if you are very blessed Have you struggled with a mental illness? Hoping for just a little stillness Have you felt ugly on the inside and out? Do compliments cause you to doubt? Have you struggled with hating yourself? Feeling like you are beyond help […]

OCD and Bookshelves

I really love the new bookshelf Dan got me for Christmas.  I love books and I love reading.  We put the new bookshelf up in our living room.  While putting books on the shelf I decided to put the book, Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts by Sally M. Winston and Martin N. Seif on there.  I […]

Embrace Your Beauty

Have you ever looked in a mirror And wondered why you are here? Have you looked at your face with disgust And wondered if you should just Kill yourself? Wanting to be someone else Hating the face you see Feeling so ugly Wishing to be 20 pounds thinner Thinking will I ever look like her? […]

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