Self-care is Essential

Do you struggle with loving yourself?  Maybe even with liking yourself?  I feel like I have struggled with this from a young age.  I have always been a nice, empathetic person, but I never felt like I had any natural talents.  I wonder, it is easier for the people who are good at everything to […]

You Are Loved

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough?  Not a good enough mom.  Not a good enough wife.  Not good enough at your job.  Not pretty enough.  Not thin enough.  Just not enough.  I have felt like this a lot.  Yesterday and today I’ve felt like a crappy mom.  M.J. has not been listening […]

To the woman

To the woman: Struggling with infertility Struggling with miscarriages To the woman: Who doesn’t want kids Who has 1 kid 2 kids 3 kids 4 kids 5 kids More kids To the woman Who’s single Who’s married Who’s widowed Who can’t seem to find a healthy relationship None of these make you less of a […]

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