This morning I saw a picture we have framed in our bedroom of Dan and me after we got engaged.  It reminded me of how much I love my husband and how blessed I am to have him in my life.  He is my favorite person and my best friend.  I have no idea what I ever did without him.  He is so loving and caring.  He is very funny and he loves to make me laugh.  I love watching comedies and laughing with him.  We have currently been watching The Office together.  Dan kept trying to get me to watch it and I was like, “this isn’t funny”.  But once you watch a few episodes and get to know the characters it’s hilarious.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes comedies.

Dan loved me when I felt so unlovable.  I thought he would leave me after I told him about my intrusive thoughts but he realized it’s just OCD.  He is very good at researching things he doesn’t know very much about and I think he did that with depression, anxiety, and OCD.  He often makes breakfast for M.J. and me which is so amazing.  I am definitely NOT a morning person.  Dan likes to cook breakfast for us and it is so sweet.  Sometimes I feel bad that I hate cooking and that I’m not very good at it but Dan says he likes cooking anyway.  And I can bake muffins and cookies and what else could a man want in a woman?

He makes most decisions based on logic and I make most decisions based on feelings so we balance each other out pretty well.  He handles the finances if you were wondering.  I will tell him I want to help everyone and he will say, “that’s not possible, Babe.”  I don’t know why he always has to be so logical.  I’m just kidding, he really helps me see the realism of actually being able to help everyone.  He says to just help who you can and that is what you can do.   I am so thankful God blessed me with my wonderful husband.

My husband truly is the best

He gives his all and nothing less

He works hard so I can stay home

He lets me have some time alone

He is a wonderful cook

I really like to look

At his handsome face

He brings me to my happy place

I love how much he loves our son

Together they have lots of fun

He does a lot of yard work

He puts up with all my quirks

He is so very smart

I’m so glad he has my heart

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“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.” 1st Peter 4:8

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