I sometimes feel like I’m not a good mom.  Especially lately since we’ve been quarantined.  We recently started seeing people again and M.J. doesn’t want to leave because he has missed social interaction so much.  I’m a mild introvert and I’ve found quarantine to be difficult so I can’t imagine how hard it has been for my extroverted child.  He’s been so clingy probably because I’m the only one he has to play with most of the time.  I’ve been letting him watch a lot of T.V. so I can have time to write, or clean, or cook (yeah, right), or do anything that isn’t playing with him 24-7.  I love my son but you can only play with so many bubbles before you start to go crazy.  M.J. seems to be a lot more moody lately which can make parenting difficult.  I don’t know if it’s because he is becoming a threenager or if he is depressed because we haven’t been able to leave the house very much.  But, dude, please stop whining all day long!  Because he has been more moody and because I have been tired (oh his lack of sleep could be adding to his moodiness) I have gotten frustrated with him more easily.  Whenever I go anywhere he says, “Don’t shut the door.”  I went to the grocery store the other day and he told me not to shut the door to our house.  In case anyone was wondering how clingy he is.  If I shut the door when I go the bathroom he throws a huge tantrum outside the door.  So yeah, he has been a challenge lately.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1st Thessalonians 5:11 NIV

I know other moms have been struggling during quarantine and I think it is important to be honest about our struggles.  Telling people you’re struggling with parenting doesn’t mean you hate your kids, it just means you’re human.  I’ve been drinking a lot more caffeine lately because I have been so exhausted.  I used to limit caffeine because I felt like it made my anxiety worse but I think I’ve drank so much lately it doesn’t seem to be affecting me.  M.J. has been asking to read more books lately and he’s been “reading” books to me which is so cute.  Some of his favorite books are If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Count to 100, and No, David.

So even though we’ve been watching more T.V. we have also been reading more books so that kind of even things out, right?  Do whatever you can to survive during quarantine.  Oh and you’re a good mom!

Am I good mom I often think?

I wish it was written in ink

How to parent my son

Give me the answers, anyone

My patience is wearing thin

Sometimes I just can’t win

Too little discipline I’ll have a brat

Too much and he’ll be afraid to act

Parenting is hard they say

No one knows the perfect way

But I know I’m a good mom

My son thinks I’m the bomb

You’re a good mom, too

Your kids love no-one more than you

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