I was watching Despicable Me 3 with M.J. and there’s a part in there I really like (spoilers).  Agnes hears she can find a real live unicorn in the forest so she goes and leaves some candy for bait.   Agnes gets so excited when a “unicorn” comes and she takes it home with her.  She tells Gru about her unicorn and he says,

“Agnes that’s not actually a unicorn, it’s just a goat.”

 “But it has one horn.” 

“Sometimes life is like that, you’re hoping for a unicorn and you get a goat.”

“Well, you know what?  I think Lucky is the best goat ever!”

Before Gru and Agnes have this conversation Gru got in a fight with his twin brother, Dru.  Gru was so excited when he heard he had a twin brother but when he meets Dru he gets a little disappointed.  Gru and Dru have very different personalities. When Gru is telling Agnes, “sometimes you’re hoping for a unicorn and you get a goat” I think he is talking about Dru.  He was so excited to have a twin brother and I think he was expecting him to be perfect.  I really like Agnes’ reaction when she says, “Lucky is the best goat ever!”  I think it makes Gru rethink things.  Obviously, his twin brother isn’t going to be perfect but he was blessed to find out he had a nice, fun twin brother.

I think we can sometimes think like Gru in our lives.  We sometimes feel disappointed if our life didn’t turn out the way we thought it would.  But nobody’s life is perfect.   We wish we could be the perfect mom, have the perfect marriage, have the perfect body, and have perfect friends.  However, if we expect perfection from ourselves and others we’re going to be disappointed.  Nobody’s perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Give yourself and others a little grace.

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“And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.”  Romans 11:6 NIV

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