Technology sucks.  End of post.  Just kidding.   I guess technology is good sometimes; I just wish I understood it better.  Dan subscribed to my blog a few weeks ago and we just realized yesterday that he had not been getting any e-mails.  How do I fix this? I don’t know! 

When I first started my blog I wanted to be an encouragement to other moms.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted people to read it because I didn’t want people to think I hated my kid.  Now, I know it’s normal to not want to spend every second of every day with one person.  Especially a needy toddler. 

I also have written about my depression and OCD.  I wrote about being suicidal and want to encourage other people not to end their lives.  Some people who have read my blog have told me they have been encouraged.  This made me want to encourage more people.  I looked up how to have more people read my blog and it was all this technological crap that I didn’t understand.  I just want to write!  When I google “snuggle and struggles mom blog” my blog is not until the fifth page!  I told Dan, “maybe if I keep googling my blog and clicking on it then it will move up in the google search.”  That is my great idea.  Did I mention I don’t understand technology?

I know technology is not all bad.  I would have gone crazy during quarantine if I wasn’t able to video chat with people.  I would also go crazy if I didn’t have TV shows to distract M.J. sometimes.  But why does technology have to be so complicated?  Why can’t I just write awesome blog posts and have them be before the fifth page on google?  I guess I will just keep writing and encouraging whoever I can.  One of my friends told me, “You never know who you make an impact on.”

“Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet.”- Douglas Adams

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Christian. Wife. Mom. I just want to share my journey of motherhood and let struggling moms know they're not alone. I enjoy reading, playing board games, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering in the community.

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