I can often forget to find joy in the little things. We will be playing outside and M.J. will say, “Mommy look, there’s a bird!  There’s a squirrel!”  I will think, Yeah, what’s the big deal? We see birds and squirrels every day.  Today, I was thinking, when did I stop finding joy in the little things? When we become adults we can often forget to just stop and take in our surroundings.  I’m very horrible at doing nothing and I know I’m not the only one.  Especially in the United States we have a go-go-go mentality.  I’m so thankful I have a toddler to help me remember to find joy in the little things.

While I was going for a walk last night I watched the sunset.  I have always loved the sunset.  Really, I love anything in the sky.  But I was thinking about how I just take the beauty of the sunset for granted.  Last night, I thanked God for its beauty.  Some people may think it’s corny but I do believe watching the sunset (or just being in nature) helps with my depression.  I love how amazing the sky can be.  I also saw a puddle in our driveway.   Before I had a child I would have not even thought twice about the puddle.  But last night I remember how much M.J. loves jumping and playing in the puddles.  I thought, this puddle really is beautiful.

“There’s always a reason to always choose joy. There’s something deeper that the world can’t destroy.” Smile by Sidewalk Prophets

This morning while I was going for a walk I stopped to take pictures of wildflowers I would normally just pass by.  I also believe coming very close to ending my life has helped me remember to find joy in the little things.  I am finding something to live for every day.  Yesterday Dan and M.J. were watching the thunderstorm together and I felt like the luckiest person in the world watching them.  It reminded me I always have something to live for.  You also always have something to live for.   I know when you are so low it doesn’t feel like there’s anything to live for but let me tell you there is. 

Things to live for:

Significant other




Nieces and Nephews







Your pet (s)

I’m guessing everyone reading this has at least one thing on this list to live for.  If you don’t, remember there is always a reason to live.  You matter.  You will always matter.

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