To the mom:

Who had an epidural

Who gave birth naturally

Who had a C-section

Who did in vitro fertilization

Who used a surrogate

Who adopted

To the mom:

With Post-Partum Depression

With Post-Partum Anxiety

With Post-Partum OCD

With Post-Partum Psychosis

To the mom:

Who’s struggling to love her baby

Who loves her baby more than anything in the world

To the mom:

Who hates nursing

Who couldn’t nurse

Who’s exclusively pumping

Who’s formula feeding

Who nursed for

6 weeks

6 months

1 year

2 years

To the mom:

Whose baby wakes up multiple times a night

Whose baby sleeps through the night

To the mom:

Who can’t get her “body back”

Who easily got her body back

Who lost her sex drive

Who increased her sex drive

To the mom:

Whose kid only eats chicken nuggets and grilled cheese

Whose kid eats everything in sight

To the mom:

Whose child has special needs

Whose child is above average

Whose child is average

To the mom:

Who fights with her husband

Who questions her parenting

Who has no idea what she’s doing

Who thinks she’s the only one who struggles

Who wonders how other moms have it all put together

They don’t.

No one does.

You’re a good mom.

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Christian. Wife. Mom. I just want to share my journey of motherhood and let struggling moms know they're not alone. I enjoy reading, playing board games, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering in the community.

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