There is so much division in our country today.  So many Christians are more worried about politics than sharing the love of Jesus.  If you are trying to lead people to Jesus being a jerk doesn’t work.  Arguing and belittling people who disagree with you will turn them away from your faith.  They will think, if that’s how a Christian acts then I’m not interested. 

“If a person senses that you do not like them, that you do not approve of their existence, then your religion and your political ideas will all seem wrong to them.  If they sense that you like them, then they are open to what you have to say.”- Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

If you say something like “anyone who has an abortion is a horrible person,” and someone who has had an abortion hears you they will think, Well, I’m not going to church if everyone there will hate me. I will admit, I used to think similar thoughts to this and I feel bad about it now. I still think abortion is wrong but many women don’t have abortions just because it’s inconvenient to have a baby. They might be in an abusive relationship, a really bad financial situation, they might be worried they will be kicked out of their church or house for being a pregnant teenager. So many people have turned away from the church because they have been treated so ungracefully.  Why is having sex before you’re married such a horrible sin but gossiping about the single mom is completely acceptable?  So many people don’t go to church because they are afraid of being judged.  So many people think, I’ve done so many horrible things, God could never love me.  God loves everyone.  God will forgive anyone.  But so many Christians act like this is not the case.

“Moralism apart from grace solves little.”- What’s So Amazing About Grace? by Philip Yancey, p. 230

I know I’m not perfect.  There are certain people it can be hard for me to love.  But it is important to recognize our short-comings and try to improve them.  Obviously, we should set up healthy boundaries and not put ourselves in dangerous situations but we should try as hard as we can to love everyone.  Even people we don’t feel deserve it.  Especially people we don’t feel deserve it.  That’s what should separate us from the world.  The grace and love of Jesus.

“It seems like if you really knew the God who understands the physics of our existence, you would operate a little more cautiously, a little more compassionately, a little less like you are the center of the universe.”- Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller

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