Parenting is hard.  The end.  

Yesterday was a stressful day for me.  M.J. was being disrespectful and not listening to me and I felt like I was failing as a parent.  I thought, why is my kid acting this way?  Am I not a good mom?  But I know that’s not true.  All parents doubt themselves.  Especially moms. 

M.J. has been asking me to read him books a lot lately and it makes me so happy.  I love reading and I’m so happy my son likes reading.  He is also a very sweet kid.  And he’s very smart.  He doesn’t want to potty train which stresses me out but at least we decided not to do preschool this year so we have a little more time to figure it out.  Today, he was a much better listener; we had a lot of fun spending time with family today.  I was reminded today to find joy in the good parts of parenting.  I do think it is important to be honest about our struggles because so many people feel like horrible parents for just wanting time to themselves.  However; I sometimes have to remind myself to find joy in the little things.  M.J. is learning new things every day.  He has figured out how to put some puzzles together by himself.  He has so much fun playing outside. He likes to look for dandelions, birds, squirrels, and butterflies.  He finds joy in the simplest things.  Oh, he also loves puddles and checking the mailbox.  A few days ago we saw our mailwoman drive by and put the mail in and he thought that was so cool.  It is so cool to see the world through my 3 year old’s eyes.  There are so many things I wouldn’t even notice if he hadn’t pointed them out.  Even though this stage is hard can also be very fun.

“Whoever came up with the term ‘terrible twos’ must have felt very foolish after their kid turned three.”- Jim Gaffigan

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