A few weeks ago Dan and I watched the movie, Good Will Hunting.  I found it to be a very interesting story.  I found that Will had many good conversations with his therapist.  When he finally decided to talk to him.

“People call these things imperfections, Will.  It’s just who we are and we get to choose who we’re going to let into our weird little worlds.  You’re not perfect.  And let me save you the suspense, this girl you met isn’t either.  The question is, whether or not you’re perfect for each other.  You can know everything in the world, but the only way you’re finding that one is by giving it a shot.”- Good Will Hunting

It’s important to remember we’re not perfect and our significant other isn’t either.  You will have fights and disagreements.  Yes, this really stresses me out.  I hate confrontation and conflict.  I used to not tell Dan when I was mad which made it much worse.  I have gotten better at talking about my feelings but I still hate conflict.  Since Dan is the only person I have seriously dated when we first started dating I felt like I didn’t know how to be in a relationship.  I felt I had to be perfect and I wanted him to be perfect but of course that is impossible.  I have learned our relationship works better when we both learn to have grace with each other.  We shouldn’t look to our spouse for perfection.  We should look to God for perfection.  If we try to be perfect ourselves we are just going to end up hating ourselves because it is impossible.

Dan told me recently on our first date that he kept trying to make me laugh because he loved my laugh and smile.  I remember thinking he was really funny so I guess it’s cool that he was trying to make me laugh.  He still likes to make me laugh (which can be pretty easy with his corny jokes).  He tells me he loves to watch funny shows with me because he still loves to see me laugh.  I also love when he makes me laugh so I guess our relationship works out pretty well.  He also told me before that he thought it was so cute that I bite my lip when I’m thinking or concentrating on something.  I’m not sure if I do that anymore but it was something I really didn’t like about myself.  We all have imperfections but a lot of the times our imperfections are things are partners find cute about us.  Dan didn’t used to like the fact that he was bald (I’m not sure if he cares anymore) but I think it’s pretty hot. 

It’s important to remember no-one is perfect.  There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.  Relationships are hard.  They take work.  Don’t give up when it gets hard.  Going through struggles together helps you grow closer together.  Going through the bad times together makes the good times even better.

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