“Days will come when you don’t have the strength.  When all you hear is you’re not worth anything.  Wondering if you ever could be loved.  And if they truly saw your heart, they’d see so much.”- Beautiful by MercyMe

When I heard this song the other day it reminded me of all the hard times I have gone through.  When I was struggling with self-esteem and rejection this song reminded me that I’m beautiful and God loves me no matter what.  Actually I’m still probably irrationally afraid of rejection so this song is still a good reminder that God has accepted me in to His family.  He loves me so much, all I have to do is accept His love.  God loves you, too.  Even if you feel unlovable.  Even if people have told you that you are worthless.  Even if you have been abused.  Even if you have done horrible things.  God loves you no matter what. 

“And praying that you have the heart to fight.  ‘Cause you are more than what is hurting you tonight.  For all the lies you’ve held inside so long.  And they are nothing in the shadow of the cross.”- Beautiful by MercyMe

Oh my goodness!  This part of the song spoke to my soul.  It reminded me that when I was struggling so much with intrusive thoughts that God loved me so much.  I’m so glad I decided to fight and that He helped me through such a difficult time.  I was reminded I am more than my OCD.  I am more than my anxiety.  I am more than my depression.  I am more than my suicidal ideation.  I am beautiful.  I am a daughter of the King.  No matter how horrible I felt.  No matter how much I thought I deserved to die, God loved me anyway.  I can’t do anything to separate me from God’s love.  All I have to do is accept His love.  I’m so thankful I was diagnosed with OCD so I realized I’m not a horrible person; I have a disorder.  If you struggle with any disorder remember God loves you not matter what.  No matter what you are struggling with He will always be there for you.  I’m so glad I He helped me through such a difficult time.  No matter how you feel, you are beautiful.

“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.  Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow – not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.  No power in the sky above or in the earth below – indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”- Romans 8:38-39 NLT

You feel worthless

You are beautiful

You feel useless

You are beautiful

You hate yourself

You are beautiful

You wish you were someone else

You are beautiful

You have zits on your face

You are beautiful

There are parts you wish to erase

You are beautiful

You’ve been rejected

You are beautiful

You’ve felt dejected

You are always beautiful

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