“Who can search the depths of me and love me to the core?”- No One But You by Hillsong Worship

We sang this song in church on Sunday and this part reminded me how much God loves me.  I have often felt unlovable.  I used to wonder how anyone could love someone like me.  I have depression, anxiety, and OCD.  How could anyone love someone who’s so broken?  How could God love someone who has horrible intrusive thoughts?  But, guess what?  He does.  God knows everything about you.  He knows that you struggle with low self-esteem.  He knows you were abused.  He knows you have hurt people.  He knows you have a sex addiction.  He knows what you’re struggling with and the mistakes you have made.  God knows everything about you and He loves you anyway. 

I know I’m not the only one who has felt unworthy of God’s love.  If you have made mistakes in your life you might think God can never forgive you.  He can.  He will.  He did.  You might feel unlovable for other reasons.  Maybe someone told you that lie.  Maybe someone abused you and made you believe that lie.  Maybe you struggle with a physical or mental disorder that makes you feel unlovable.  I have been there.  When I was struggling so badly with OCD I truly believed I didn’t deserve to live.  I didn’t think God could love me and I didn’t think He should love me.  But He did.  He does.  He loves me no matter what.  He loves you no matter what.

“There isn’t a human in the Bible who didn’t behave like one.  They wore the pig slop of the prodigal, each and every one of them.  And so do we.”- You are Never Alone by Max Lucado, p. 118

God used broken people throughout the whole Bible.  Rahab was a prostitute but she was one of the four women mentioned in the Genealogy of Jesus (Matthew 1).  God doesn’t care about our past.  He cares that we love Him and try our best to live for Him.  But guess what?  We will still mess up.  We are all human.  We are all broken in different ways.  God loves us anyway.  God loved me when I struggled so hard to love myself.  I still sometimes struggle to love myself but it is so much easier now that I truly believe God loves me.  God loves you, too.  You are so loved.  No matter what you are struggling with, bring it to Jesus.  I hope you experience the wonderful love of Christ.

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