The other day Dan lit a candle and M.J. was very interested in it.  Dan told M.J. we don’t play with fire because it’s very dangerous.  I was reminded how often we can play with metaphorical fires in our lives.  Sometimes when people tell us we shouldn’t do something, it makes us want to do it more.   Of course, we have all made mistakes in our lives.  Maybe you have stayed in an unhealthy relationship.  Maybe, you have said things you regretted later. Maybe you have done things that hurt other people.  Maybe, you have put yourself in situations that allowed you to be hurt by others.  We have all gone through many different fires in our lives.

We are taught not to play with fire

So why can it be our hearts desire?

Our attempts at love can be in vain

When all they bring is pain upon pain

You slowly lose pieces of yourself

When being used by someone else

Your feelings aren’t reciprocated

How did you end up so jaded?

Your problems may seem very dire

But you can overcome the fire

It can be easy to play with fire.  Sometimes, we put ourselves in these situations, but not always.  Fires can be brought to you by other people or situations.  Sometimes you want to make sure you are nice to everyone, but that can sometimes make it easier for people to use you.  It can be difficult because it is important to be loving to everyone.  However; some people find it easy to take advantage of nice people.  I’m not saying we should stop being kind, but we should remember all the struggles we have gone through are not always our fault. 

We should also remember, everyone doesn’t care about other people.  Some people only care about themselves.  It can be difficult when you assume other people care about your feelings.  Of course, most people care about other people’s feelings, but some people don’t.  Some people can be hurtful and not even realize it.  Some people only care about what they can get from other people.  I find this very sad.  You don’t need to blame yourself for the pain others have put you through.  I know we sometimes want to play with fire, but there are many times when the fires just come to us.  We can overcome them.  No matter what you have gone through, God loves you.  No matter what mistakes you have made, God loves you.  You can overcome the fire.

“You are more than the choices that you’ve made.  You are more than the sum of your past mistakes.  You are more than the problems you create.  You’ve been remade.”- You Are More by Tenth Avenue North

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