I’m sure this Christmas Season is hard for a lot of people.  I know a lot of people have lost loved ones this year.  I know a lot of people are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, and Isolation.  Then, there is, of course the other stresses many people go through during the holidays.  I know working in retail can be very stressful.  I was not a fan of Christmas time when I worked in retail.  I can’t imagine working in retail during Christmas and Covid.  I also want to remind people to be kind.  It is not the employees’ fault that they are out of the toy you want or the food you want.  It is not their fault you have to wear a mask.  Please, try to be kind.

Maybe Christmas is hard because you are not able to spend it with loved ones this year.  Maybe it’s hard because you don’t see your family on “normal” Christmases.  Your parents might not have been good parents.  They may have cut you off or you might have decided to stop seeing them because they were bad for your mental health.  I’m sure either of these things would be hard. 

I know a lot of people are probably struggling financially this year.  Maybe you feel guilty you can’t buy your kids the toys they want, but guess what?  They would probably get bored of that cool toy in a week anyway.  It’s okay if you can’t afford the toys your kids want; showing them the love of Christ is the most important thing.  Most of M.J.’s favorite toys were not very expensive.  Also, if your kids are young enough, they will be excited if you just give them some cool boxes.  If you need help financially, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There are so many organizations that are able to help. 

It’s okay if you are struggling with Depression this Christmas season.  I know the holidays can be a hard time for lots of people.  If you’re struggling with any mood disorder don’t be afraid to get help.  Don’t give up. No matter what you are struggling with God loves you. 

“When your father’s affection isn’t, GOD is.

When your mother’s attention isn’t, GOD is.

When your brother’s character isn’t, GOD is.

When your teacher’s fairness isn’t, GOD is.

When your school’s protection isn’t, GOD is.

When your friend’s trustworthiness isn’t, GOD is.

When your boyfriend’s faithfulness isn’t, GOD is.

When your body’s strength isn’t, GOD is.

When your financial stability isn’t, GOD is.

When your spouse’s love isn’t, GOD is.

When your son’s appreciation isn’t, GOD is.

When your life’s ease isn’t GOD is.”- 3 Words That Will Change Your Life by Mike Novotny, p. 129

I think it is important to remember God loves you.  God is here for you.  Maybe, you have turned away from God.  Maybe, you never thought there was a God.  No matter what you have said, done, thought, or felt God loves you.  All you have to do is accept that love.  Even if your Christmas is really crappy this year, God is here for you.  Maybe you feel unlovable.  Maybe you have done horrible things.  God loves you anyway.  God longs for everyone to have a relationship with Him.  That is why He sent Jesus to die and rise again for our sins.  This is one reason why I love celebrating Christmas.  Maybe you haven’t been treated well in the past.  Maybe you are not being treated well right now.  If you are in an abusive relationship, don’t be afraid to leave and get help.  Also, remember, God loves you.  No matter what other people have told you or done to you, God loves you.  God loves everyone.  I’m trying very hard to find joy in whatever I can this Christmas.

There are many things I am sad about this Christmas season.  I’m not going to list them here, not because I don’t think it’s important, but because I want to focus on all the blessings I have.  I’m so excited to celebrate Christmas with M.J. this year.  He has been so excited to move the gingerbread man on our Countdown to Christmas Calendar.  He’s been so excited to open his library books for the Countdown to Christmas (shout out to Dewitt District Library in Dewitt, Michigan for doing this cool thing!).  I have loved looking at Christmas lights with him.  At our church, they had a Drive-thru Light Show that was timed to music and M.J. loved it.  He, also loves looking at the regular Christmas lights people have put on their houses.  I’m so thankful Dan has been able to work this whole year.  I’m so thankful we have been able to pay our bills, buy everything we needed, and buy presents for Christmas.  I’m so thankful for everything we have been blessed with.  What have you been blessed with?  Your year might have been harder than mine.  If it was, I’m sorry.  It can always be helpful to think of blessings, though.  Even, if you can just think of one per day, it is helpful for your mental health.  No matter what, remember you are loved.

“The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood.” John 1:14 The Message

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