So Many Muffins!

I have been pretty bored during the quarantine.  M.J. has been very clingy and wanting me to play with him or be near him all day.  This morning I told him I was going to take a shower and he said, “but I’m gonna be sad.”  He also gets sad when I close the door when I go to the bathroom.  I never planned on letting him come to the bathroom with me but sometimes it’s easier to let him come in than listen to screaming outside the door.  I have also been trying to do yoga every day.  M.J. loves to climb all over me whenever I am doing yoga so that can be a challenge.  I love my kid so much but he really needs to have social interaction with other kids soon.  I am so thankful for bubbles; he has gone through so many bubbles and they keep him entertained for so long.

I have also been baking lots of muffins.  Sometimes I bake them by myself and sometimes M.J. helps me. He likes to help make muffins and he really likes to eat them.  I think muffins might be his new favorite food.  When Dan and I got married five years ago I don’t think we registered for any muffin pans.  We got at least six as gifts.  I remember thinking to myself, When would I ever make that many muffins?  Well, I guess God knew I would be bored in quarantine and make a ton of muffins.  I think it’s wonderful to be able to find joy and humor in the little things.  Being cooped up has been hard for me lately but it’s nice to remember funny things about muffin pans.

I just realized I must be pretty bored to be writing on my blog about muffins but everyone loves muffins, right?  I have made so many muffins we are running out of freezer space.  I have also left muffins on my friends’ porches and I think that is one thing that has helped me stay sane during quarantine.  Tonight around 8:30 I was thinking about making more muffins but I didn’t think there was any room in the freezer.  I started thinking who won’t call the police if I leave muffins on their porch at 10 p.m.?

I am just so thankful for everything we are blessed with.  I have been bored but I think it would be much worse if we didn’t have bubbles, muffins, and T.V.  I’m so glad I’m in quarantine with my wonderful family.

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