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The other day I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and a character who has kids is talking to another character who is going to have a kid.  He says:

“Parenthood is scary as hell.  Your kid is in the safest place right now and you’ll never sleep again once he comes out.”- Owen Hunt, Grey’s Anatomy, Season 16, Episode 20

The “you’ll never sleep again part” is probably an exaggeration for most parents.  Although, M.J. has started waking up in the middle of the night again sometimes.  He’s almost three!  But I can’t really complain because he started sleeping five hours at about five weeks and twelve hours at about six months.  And he’s not waking up every night, just some nights.  I think he’s stressed out about staying home all the time and not seeing his friends.  The “parenthood is scary as hell” part is not very much of an exaggeration especially for moms.  I have always struggled with anxiety but when I was pregnant I had a lot of anxiety about labor and parenting.  I also did not have a good pregnancy or labor so I have anxiety if I think about doing it again. 

There are so many things new moms have to worry about:  is the sheet on the bed tight enough?  Is he breathing?  Why is he breathing like that?  I fed him and changed his diaper, why is he crying?  I worried about all these things and quite a bit more.  If you’re a new mom I want to tell you it’s okay to have a little anxiety but try not to let it keep you up at night (your baby will probably do that).  If you are really struggling try to find a therapist to talk to.  It also helps to talk to people who have gone through similar situations.  Most of the things we worry about won’t ever happen.

On the next episode one of the characters is having a baby.  She says, “Why do people do this?” The woman who is with her says:

“You do this because you’re so in love with someone that the two of you can’t contain it all so you make another person out of that love.”- Miranda Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy, Season 16, Episode 21

I thought that was such a beautiful quote.  I know it is not true about all pregnancies but it just reminds me of how much I love my husband and son.  Dan is so loving and supportive.  He’s a “thinker” so he balances out my “feeler” personality.  It’s so cool to watch M.J. grow up together.  When he says something smart I feel so proud.  It’s so cool to be his mom.  I love him so much just because he is my son.

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also and he praises her…” Proverbs 31:28 NIV

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